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    Experience peacful moments under the clear sky of Ereikousa

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    Enjoy the beautiful colors of the Ionian Sea...

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    Sit back and watch the sun setting in the Ionian Sea.


Ereikousa, is an island with an amazing scenic beauty about 5sq km wide and 8 nautical miles northwest of Corfu. It owes its beauty to its plethora flora and fauna and its crystal clear turquoise waters. Only few permanent residents, authentic Greek hospitality, and pure nature, these are the most important characteristics of Ereikousa, which will make you want to come back soon.



Useful Info

For Ereikousa

Community Tel: 26630 71703
Police Station Tel: 26630 72400
Doctor Tel: 26630 71505

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For Corfu

Taxi Tel: 26610 33811-2
Ferry Igoumenitsa-Corfu: 26610 32655
Corfu Port Authority: 26610 40002-32655

Visit Ereikousa

Take the ferry from Corfu town, Sidari or Snt Stefanos and arrive in short time safely at Ereikousa. Or just come with your own vessel, anchor to the open sea next to the main beach of Ereikousa and feel free to arrive and depart at any time.

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If you want to experience some quit vacation next to the beach, Ereikousa is the perfect place. You’ll be surrounded by tall green trees and turquoise beaches. It’s really worth walking around the island through the greenish pathways to explore some of its beauties and traditions. Just make sure you bring along a pair of sneakers and your swimwear. Oh, and don’t forget your diving goggles!

5-day proposal tour for Ereikousa